Is time starting to lose meaning to anyone else? Apparently we’re half way through January already…news to me.

My partner laughs at me everyday because I always hark on the fact that I can’t believe what day of the week it is. Now I guess we’ve just moved to months instead? Probably easier. 

The first half of January has been berserk. Not really a fan so far, but at some point it has to get better right? AND IT WILL! Eventually we will get to a place where we all look at each other and go “Remember when…(insert whatever insanity has happened in the past year here)”. 

For now we will persist. There are still struggles to endure, fights to come, and eventually wonderful things to celebrate! To brighter days for all of us *clink*

Let’s do a quick check in for the month!

My intentions this year are to start my Read Like a Gilmore challenge (which I have, killing it!), to start picking reads off of my existing TBR to cut down on unread books in my house. Some shelf help, if you will (again, killing it!), and that goes hand in hand with using the library to get my reads. I don’t have to own EVERY book I read, I say to myself over and over walking through Indigo… 

So ideally every one of the books I read this year should fall under one of these three categories. And they will, because I obviously always do what I say I’m going to do 🙂

Read Like a Gilmore

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley 

I made a previous blog post for it but to recap this is a dystopian novel. Definitely not a “light” read and is absolutely pure to the science fiction roots. I don’t read a ton of science fiction so it was definitely a nice change of pace for me and my reading life.

Shelf Help

Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot by Mikki Kendall

I marked the hell out of this book. Lots of underlining and note taking. If you consider yourself a feminist (and you should!) please take the time to read this. I always thought I had a pretty good handle on what feminism is or what it should be but it is so, SO, important to read about topics from those who come from different backgrounds than yourself because you can never know everything or know too much. Kendall discussed pretty basic needs and issues feminists should be at the forefront of that made me go “Well of course…” but I never actually thought of myself because I’ve never HAD to think of myself. My privilege as a white woman has meant that I’ve never had to worry about housing or hunger or job security, realistically. We have to put in the work to make our communities more inclusive and not leave out or leave behind those in vulnerable positions.

Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

This book has been on my TBR for a looooong time, it was also the flightpick for this month’s Modern Mrs Darcy book club pick. I read this one first since I still have a library hold for the actual book club book this month. And I hate to say it, but I hope I like that one more. There was nothing wrong with Evvie but it just wasn’t one of my favourites. I wish the book had focused a little more on what Evvie had been through a little more at the dront end of the book. I just didn’t feel that much of a connection with her character. I will say her house sounds wonderful and I’m happy for her. 

Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella

Hi, my name’s Chloe and I’m a Sophie Kinsella super fan. I adore her writing. She makes me laugh so hard while reading her books. She has such a talent for writing over the top characters but still making them lovable. It was fun because I read this one with a group of girls and we had lots of differing opinions. I always appreciate the comedy and the internal dialogue Kinsella includes in her novels. If you’re looking for a fun read then I recommend picking this one up!

Library Love

The Library Book by Susan Orlean

Oh my god, a book about libraries. What better way to start the year? This book is an ode to the library, written by a lifetime library user (the stars are just like us!). The Library Book tells the story of the Los Angeles Public Library that was set on fire in 1986. The flames got up to 2,500 degrees!! That’s wild! I got this from my library as an audio book and let me tell you, if you like podcasts, GET THIS! This was like a true crime podcast/love letter to books and libraries/fantastic interviews. It was enthralling. I started this book when going for a walk one day, a casual walk just to get outside for a bit. My legs were SO sore the next day because I couldn’t stop walking. I didn’t want to stop listening. Orlean’s writing is so smart and the person suspected of starting the library fire is a character, to say the least.

A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

… this book was not for me. This book takes place in a school for magical people, but there are lots of monsters that break in and are around that will kill them. Basically this school is about survival and if you make it out alive then there are covens (I think they were called something else in the book, but that’s the idea) that you can be part of, if invited, for protection out in the real world. Anyway, this one was a little too slow for me. There was a lot of conversation and writing on all the monsters that are there/could be there and I felt like that’s all we were ever talking about. And in all honesty, I did not finish the book. I just kept hoping we would move the plot along and it wasn’t doing it for me. If you’re looking for a book about magic and monsters then maybe give this a try!

The Hazel Wood/The Boy Who Didn’t Come Home by Melissa Albert

This is my new obsession. I love the dark and spooky and I love fairy tales. So, hello there, Melissa! This is the story of Alice searching for her missing mother. Alice has never been allowed to meet her grandmother, who rose to fame writing a series of fairy tales set in a magical (real?) realm she calls the Hinterland, but she may be the only way for Alice to get her mother back. Oh man, this book was everything I wanted it to be. The atmosphere was perfection and the descriptive writing was fantastic. I can’t wait to read the next book!

That’s it so far! I have a few more reads to get to this month for my various book clubs but I’ll be back in a couple weeks with another recap! I’m going to read my first Fredrik Backman and I’m over the moon excited!!

Happy reading, everyone!