I started rewatching Gilmore Girls for inspo for the first blog post. Since starting I’ve already had a coke, ate an entire pizza AND half a pint of ice cream. I’m on episode 3, it’s been two hours!

While I’m revisiting one of my favourite shows I am realizing the impact it’s had on my life such as my adoration of small towns, my enthusiasm for coffee (preferably iced and now has to be decaf, please ignore my sobs), my seemingly inhuman ability to eat junk food, and my vast unnecessary knowledge of pop culture.

More than that, I’ve always had it as a constant. I was lucky to own the DVDs (yes, the dark times before Netflix!!) so I was able to escape into my favourite place whenever I felt the need to. Which happened to be more often than not.

I’ve always been an introvert. I would really just rather be at home watching TV or reading a book than being out with others and because of this I’ve never had a vigorous friend group. But lucky to have the few who I can count on and will let me disappear for a while when needed.

As an introvert, I know when I say I’m an introvert I’m met with eye rolls and sometimes condescending comments. Unfortunately, it is something you can never understand until you experience it. The anxiety towards the build up of social events (even ones you’re looking forward to!), and having a busy schedule can feel overwhelming. Also difficult since the word “busy” is subjective.

I need time and space by myself to recharge and sometimes in the day to day it’s hard to find those pockets. An hour here and an hour there simply doesn’t work for me, and that’s okay. I’ve learned that I need to be more selfish about my time and set boundaries when I need to. 

I’m always delighted to find other GGs fans out there because even though those are moments I’ve spent by myself, I feel connected to a large and thriving community. We spend our lives searching for and building our tribes and I feel right at home in Stars Hollow. 

All this to say, I am trying to coax our beloved fictional place into the real world just a little bit more with a book club. I hope for this to be a place where people can connect with reading, Gilmore Girls and whatever else we all have in common!

So whether you’re a rule breaker like Jess, dying your hair purple and listening to rock music like Lane, running around in a mad rush for coffee like Lorelei; let’s all take a pause and curl up with a good book (hopefully!) like Rory. 

Okay, let’s get started. It’s a long list y’all!